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Dutch bridge parts the waters! 

January 26, 2012 Categories: NBSO-Texas

Leave it to the Dutch!!!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you - the waters have indeed parted!!!

This incredible “sunken” bridge located in the Netherlands is giving visitors a unique way to access a beautiful 17th Century Dutch fort. Designed by RO & AD Architects, the Moses Bridge literally parts the waters that surround the fort, allowing pedestrians to pass through. The bridge is made from sustainable Accsys Technologies Accoya wood, which is both FSC and PEFC certified.

A series of moats and fortresses were built over the West Brabant Water Line region of the Netherlands during the 17th century in order to provide protection from invasion by France and Spain. Fort de Roovere was surrounded with a shallow moat that was too deep to march across, and too shallow for boats. In turn the earthen fort had remained protected –until now.

From afar, the Moses Bridge is invisible to the eye. The flow of the moat appears continuous, as the water level remains at the same level, reflecting the surrounding foliage. As visitors approach the fort, the bridge appears as a break in the water with its sloping walls containing it.

First lying flush with the earth, the bridge then descends deeper into the ground. Lined with wood sheet piling for walls, the deck and stairs sit between. The bridge and its components have been made from sustainable hardwood that is Cradle to Cradle Gold certified. The Accoya wood is also treated with a nontoxic coating, protecting it from fungal decay and increasing its durability — an ideal material for a sunken bridge. Like a dam, the walls of the bridge hold the waters of the moat back, and like Moses, the bridge parts the waters so that pedestrians may pass.

The Moses Bridge gives visitors a unique opportunity to pass through parted waters, to eventually meet a historic fortress of defense.

Dutch Polder 

January 19, 2012

Polder Sloot

Dutch Defense Minister Hans Hillen visits Fort Hood, Texas. 

January 19, 2012 Categories: NBSO-Texas News

by Heather Graham-Ashley, Sentinel News Editor
January 19, 2012

Dutch Defense Minister Hans Hillen came to Fort Hood last week to meet with his troops training here under the 21st Cavalry Brigade (Air Combat).

He liked what he saw as he met with III Corps and Fort Hood Commanding General Lt. Gen. Don Campbell Jr., as well as soldiers and airmen from the Royal Netherlands Army’s 12th Air Assault Infantry Battalion and the Royal Netherlands Air Force’s 11th Air Mobility Brigade. More…..

Dutch Defense Minister Hans Hillen Visits United States; Meets with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. 

January 13, 2012

News article | January 10, 2012

(Washington, D.C.) — Dutch Defense Minister Hans Hillen makes his first visit to the United States January 9-13 where he will hold meetings with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta; representatives from Lockheed Martin; travel to Ft. Hood, Texas; and CENTCOM in Tampa.

Minister Hillen’s visit to the U.S. comes just days after President Obama unveiled his new defense strategy at the Pentagon. The Minister will meet with Secretary Panetta to discuss U.S./Dutch military cooperation and how the Netherlands and NATO are meeting their defense responsibilities.

In Europe,Minister Hillen is leading the call for NATO’s European members to create more innovative practices for smarter defense, such as smarter pooling and sharing of resources and building more coalitions of the willing.

The United States and the Netherlands share a strong bilateral relationship that extends from joint training exercises in Ft. Hood to the Dutch military’s participation in missions in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and the F-35 program.

On Thursday, January 12th, the Atlantic Council will host Minister Hillen as he gives an address on“How to Keep Transatlantic Security AAA: Outsmarting the Crisis by Thinking Beyond Institutional Lines” as part of the Atlantic Council’s NATO Forum program (#NATOForumNL). The event is open to the public.


For more than 400 years, the Netherlands and the United States have been joined by the values of freedom, justice and an entrepreneurial spirit. A vibrant economic force, the Netherlands is also the third largest investor in America and a reliable trade and investment partner to the U.S. The Royal Netherlands Embassy, Dutch Consulates General and Honorary Consuls in the U.S. promote strong bilateral relations between the United States and the Netherlands in the areas of peace and stability; international law; energy and climate; water management; international human rights; and creative industries. The Netherlands and the United States: Two countries, one spirit united by values, history and a vision of the future.

More information:Key Topics- The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington DC

Floris van Hövell or Carla Bundy
Public Diplomacy, Press and Cutlre Section
202-274-2630 or (c) 202-413-5020 /
202-274-2632 or (c) 202-413- 9786
Skype Account: PressOfficerDutchEmbassyDC

Economic Ties between the USA and the Netherlands: A Partnership that Works. 

January 13, 2012

The report, Economic Ties between the USA and the Netherlands: A Partnership that Works, details the Dutch-U.S. economic relationship with a national and state-by-state analysis. It reveals:

  • Close to 625,000 Americans are at work as the result of America’s economic ties with the Dutch;The Netherlands continues to be the 3rd largest foreign investor in the U.S. ($217.1 billion);
  • The Netherlands continues to be the 3rd largest foreign investor in the U.S. ($217.1 billion);
  • The Netherlands is the largest destination for America’s Foreign Direct Investment ($521.4 billion).
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