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Netherlands Central Planning Bureau Director’s Presentation on Cost – Benefit  

June 29, 2012 Categories: NBSO-Texas News


Netherlands Central Planning Bureau Director’s Presentation on Cost – Benefit on Coastal Protection at BAYHEP yesterday.

LyondellBassel wins federal grant for Houston project 

June 13, 2012

Houston-based chemicals corporation LyondellBasell has received a $4.5 million federal grant to develop technology that lowers the pollution and cost of processing ethane. Click on the link below to read more.

LyondellBassel is developing a product designed to prevent carbon buildup on equipment used to crack ethane into ethylene, a precursor to the plastics used for everyday household goods.

Worldwide unique book and app, a Dutch production. 

June 01, 2012

Book and app review: The influence of the internet on Dutch exports – App iEXPORT

Geert Nijkamp, a Dutchman but living in Spain since 2006, has been working in cross cultural business all his life. With a trading background,1998 he was one of the first to start in the Netherlands with international internet marketing. Over the years he has been training and coaching around 150 companies in (international) online business development. Geert Nijkamp has seen how Germany, also thanks to the usage of internet, in the past 20 years became more internationalized. He now sees a same pattern in Spain and in the last two years he has been investigating the internet development of many countries in the world. He predicts that countries with at this moment low(er) internet participation (e.g.Poland, Spain, Italy) will become serious exports competitors for countries that have already a high internet participation (e.g. Netherlands, United States, Great Britain). The countries that are lagging behind at the moment will see that a lot of their companies will enter the internet in the next few years. Many of these companies are already exporting, or will start with exports and bring in an extra source of national income. The competition for companies in the ‘developed’ countries will grow strongly.


On the page you can see al list of 153 countries with their internet participation.

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