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The Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) provides assistance to Dutch  companies interested in establishing or expanding their presence in the United States market. The NBSO acts as a liaison for such Dutch companies as it actively identifies and pursues opportune American business partners. Additionally, the NBSO offers its clientele information on critical business legal issues, such as Intellectual Property rights, and remains constantly aligned with the latest US business trends and models.

Through our extensive local networks, the NBSO gladly refers and provides access to professional services such as: attorneys, accountants, sales and business development agencies, venture-capital firms and angel investors.

Dutch-American partnerships created with the help of the NBSO have witnessed technological advancements in their respective sectors, as well as the development of new products, resulting in the successful integration of Dutch enterprises in the American marketplace.

Netherlands Business Support Office
1801 Allen Parkway, Suite 240
Houston, Texas 77019

Tel: 832 900 4949
Fax: 832 900 4948

Email: brik@nbso-texas.com


Our Office Location

NBSO, 1801 Allen Parkway, Suite 240,Houston, Texas 77019

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