'I’m confident we can unleash the full potential of American innovation, and ensure our prosperity and security online for the generations to come.'

						President Obama


Cybersecurity in the United States

From the beginning of his administration, President Obama has made it clear that cybersecurity is one of the most important challenges the US faces as a nation, and for good reason. Criminals, terrorists, and countries that wish to do harm have realized that attacking online is often easier than physically attacking in person. This year, experts say we'll have a total of 6.8 billion connected devices on the planet, each one a tempting portal for hackers who want to steal your identity, your savings, or even shut down a city. A cyberattack on the power grid is not unthinkable and will have major consequences, because a large part of the nation’s power grid is build more than 100 years ago. And with more and more sensitive data being stored online, the consequences of those cyber incidents are only growing more significant. For example, identity theft is now the fastest growing crime in America. The 2016 Identity Fraud Study, released by Javelin Strategy & Research, found that $15 billion was stolen from 13.1 million U.S. consumers in 2015, compared with $16 billion and 12.7 million victims a year earlier. With the massive use of media like Facebook, Venmo and Dropbox, our personal information exists online in a way it never has before. 

Cybersecurity is a ‘hot topic’ in the United States. President Obama appointed 10 extra individuals to key administration posts regarding cybersecurity and the President’s Cybersecurity National Action Plan invests more than $19 billion for cybersecurity as part of the President’s budget – a more than 35 percent increase from last year’s request to secure the nation in the future.

Cybersecurity in San Antonio, Texas

The state of Texas is #2 in the nation for science and technology and according to the National Security Agency, San Antonio TX is #2 in the nation for information assurance, behind only Washington, D.C. San Antonio’s association with the military, continually thriving private cybersecurity enterprises and nationally recognized technology and research institutions has helped create a unique combination of cyber resources useful to many business operations.

San Antonio, historically known as America’s home for military training and operational excellence, has now expanded its role as one of the premier centers for Cybersecurity in the U.S. San Antonio is home to 40 locally headquartered cybersecurity firms and an industrial base of over 100 firms focused on cybersecurity and intelligence sectors. The University of Texas at San Antonio boasts the top cybersecurity school in the nation. Most recently, San Antonio opened its first cybersecurity focused incubator, Build Sec Foundry. The incubator, based in downtown San Antonio’s growing tech district, is focused on accelerating early-stage, high-growth security product startups.  San Antonio is increasingly becoming known as “Cyber City, USA”, also mainly because the new federal cybersecurity operation, the U.S. Air Force Cyber Command (24th Air Force) is housed in San Antonio. San Antonio has a large population of experienced cyber technology personnel, certified as Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSPs). There are 60000 people working in the science and technology workforce and 80000 people working in the department of Defense personnel.

The city offers the kind of network connectivity needed to support all security levels of Global Cyber Operations such as the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System and the National Security Agency Nets, DISA GIG Network (Defense Information Systems Network) and GIG-BE (Global Information Grid Bandwidth Expansion, which helps link major government intel community sites)..San Antonio also has the # 2 concentration of data centers in the U.S. and 80-plus companies specializing in defense technology.


The University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) UTSA is home to the nation’s top cybersecurity program and has long been a pioneer in cybersecurity. UTSA has made cybersecurity a top academic priority. There are nearly 160,000 students in 15 colleges and universities in the area. Many of them with access to outstanding academic programs focused on cyber science. In 2002, the university conducted the nation’s first mock terrorism exercise in San Antonio. Three years later, it hosted the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, a challenge that has grown from five Texas teams to more than 200 teams from schools around the country and 10 regional qualifying events. The challenge has become an annual scouting ground for industry, government and military organizations looking to hire the nation’s top talent.


Most recently, San Antonio opened its first cybersecurity focused incubator, Build Sec Foundry. The incubator, based in downtown San Antonio’s growing tech district, is focused on accelerating early-stage, high-growth security product startups.

Cybersecurity Ventures’ Top 500 Cybersecurity firms with a presence in San Antonio include:

Root9B (#1)

Digital Defense (#21)

PwC (#32)

Booz Allen Hamilton (#35)

Accenture (#51)

Northrop Grumman (#54)

Lockheed Martin (#65)

Inspired eLearning (#85)

Fidelis (#110)

Globalscape (#147)

Innove (#195)

Infocyte (#280)

General Dynamics (#281)

Futurex (#295)

Denim Group (#302)

EndGame (#403)

Dragos Security (#473)

Dutch companies and institutions in SA

Cyber security is not only a hot topic in the United States, also the Netherlands has to build a sufficient defense system. UTSA and the 80-plus companies specialized in cyber security offer a unique opportunity for Dutch companies and institutions to gain access to top notch cyber security intelligence in both systems and employees. Collaborating and knowledge sharing with companies and institutions in San Antonio on the topic of cyber security will enlarge the defensibility of the Netherlands against cyber criminality and to provide an open and stable information society. We can help you to gain access to this cyber security world of San Antonio; contact us for the right contacts and more information.  


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