North Texas is like a piece of fine art on a 9,000 square mile canvas.  It’s a collage of more than 150 cities and towns and 12 counties; each with their own unique shape, texture and color. The Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan region is sculpted by 4 percent employment growth; 3.5 million skilled employees; a diversified corporate portfolio strengthened by the services and manufacturing sectors; 16 major colleges and universities for blended learners; 13 professional sports teams; and 7.1 million optimistic residents.

Indeed, a vibrant picture exists before us, and under the new administration in Washington, it is predicted the growth will only intensify.  North Texas has some of the best and brightest municipal leaders in the country who share common goals to increase economic growth, strengthen the local talent pipeline, and create the best quality of life to attract families and workers from all over the world.  Our cities paint with the same brush made from pro-growth public policies designed for economic prosperity.

The region is not without its challenges.  Continued efforts are being made to manage growth with upgraded infrastructure (read traffic) projects, affordable housing and improved urban education opportunities.  One of the single most important infrastructure projects in the country is the high speed rail project that will connect DFW to Houston by 2022.  This rail project is on President Trump’s list of critical infrastructure projects to complete.

In the next five years, more than 30,000 jobs alone will be filled at the intersection of the Dallas North Tollway and State Highway 121 (Plano/Frisco).  Toyota, JPMorgan Chase, Liberty Mutual, the Dallas Cowboys, FedEx, Hilti, Kubota and State Farm are just a few of the companies with recent designs on North Texas.  It’s a great time to bring business of all sizes and sectors to North Texas.  In fact, the picture has never been more clear.

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March 08, 2017


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