Connecting the Dutch

You are who you know!

As an entrepreneur, you have lots of ideas and connections, but you are also looking for new ideas and new people. How can we bring the demand and supply of ideas and connections together? The simple answer is: use each other’s network!

There are more than 4000 Dutch people living in Texas and there are multiple Dutch networks. However, these networks are not very well connected. This can be improved. Dutch people new in Texas, all face the same challenges and everyone must build their own network. Why shouldn’t we help each other!

How? By 'Connecting the Dutch'. Quarterly meetings will be organized by the Netherlands Business Support Office Texas (NBSO) and hosted by different Dutch companies in Houston. All the participants bring five (Dutch) guests to the meeting.

During this meetings an ‘auction’ will take place. All the participants bring along specific questions.  It’s a matter of give and take on a basis of trust. You share knowledge, information, advice and connections with each other. At the end, everyone has the opportunity to exchange contacts with each other

The purpose of 'Connecting the Dutch' is bringing together supply and demand and connecting the Dutch community in Houston.