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NEW DATE: Finding, developing and maintaining relations for business

March 4, 2020
March 4, 2020
Start time:
6:00 pm
End time:
8:00 pm
Houston Community College, Eastside Campus
6815-E Rustic St. Houston TX, 77087, Workforce Building I, Room 316
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Many entrepreneurs want to do business in the United States.They expect that they can enter the market with their Dutch mentality. Although the Netherlands and the US seem to have many similarities, the reality is completely different.

Doing business in another country is always a challenge and certainly in the US. Every state has its own culture and rules. And even within a state there are many differences.

Fortunately, more than 100 Dutch companies have preceded you in Texas. They have all found their way. At the NBSO we receive questions daily about doing business in Texas. That is why we have developed a series of workshops in collaboration with SCORE and Houston Community College with the theme "The secrets of doing business in Texas".

The topics of the workshops are:

  • Finding, developing and maintaining relations
  • Becoming more successful as a foreign organization
  • Finding sources of funding
  • Understanding social and cultural differences

During each workshop, different experienced entrepreneurs will give you tips and tricks about doing business in Texas. Whether you have been working in Texas for years or want to start a business in the region,these workshops are interesting for anyone who wants to do business successfully in Texas.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn with us!

About the workshop

Finding customers is one thing. Retaining customers is just as important. Texas has a friendly business environment and it becomes easy to start a conversation. But how do you ensure that you stay in touch with your key contacts? What is the best way to finding, developing and maintaining relations in Texas?

In this workshop you will get useful tips and we’ll discuss practical cases to create and improve your relationships in business for a long-term success.

About the facilitator

Willy has five masters from the University of Leuven. During his career, he led 6 $ Billion companies as President and CEO, living in Belgium,Germany, Sweden, France, and Brazil. He developed a vast experience in leadership, Industrial Manufacturing, International technology, Business Management and Operations, among others skills. He has also been a serial entrepreneur and built four companies that he sold successfully. Today, Willy is involved in various International Chambers of Commerce in Houston, collaborating with entities such as the Mayor office, GHP, Universities,Consulates, Development agencies, Economic Missions, Trade and Investment,Training Courses and Workshops. Willy isa Certified Mentor with SCORE where he helps to startup between 5,000 and 6,000 companies in Houston every year.

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