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Forum: Investing in Resiliency for Pre-Disaster Risk Mitigation

December 3, 2019
December 4, 2019
Start time:
1:00 pm
End time:
5:00 pm
The Cannon/ Amegy Bank Tower Galleria
The Cannon, 1334 Brittmoore Road, Houston, TX 77043 / Amegy Bank Tower Galleria
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For the first time in the US, InvestH2O will convene a special round-table on "The Future of Disaster Risk Mitigation From the Perspective of Global Insurance-Reinsurance Policy and Underwriting - A New Collaborative Model for Impacting the Loss-Value Delta."

Special Note: the two-day forum will start on December 3rd at the Cannon in West Houston and move on December 4th to Amegy Bank Tower Galleria in an effort to bridge the entire region, communities of interests, mutual goals.

The following keynote speakers and panelists will participate in a robust discussion of investment scenarios, immediate policy-drivers, projects, and technologies for resilience:

  • The Honorable Jan Peelen, Attache for Infrastructure and Water Management, US Embassy - Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • The Honorable Jacob Vind, Consul General - Kingdom of Denmark and North American Water Alliance Lead
  • Michel Leonard, Vice President and Senior Economist, the Insurance Information Institute, NYC/Washington DC
  • Pamela Williams, former FEMA senior manager and current Executive Director of Build Stronger Coalition
  • Robert Bears, Global Director of Our Future Water, Author, Speaker on Blue-Green Cities (broadcast live from New Zealand)
  • Justen Noake, Director of Emergency Preparedness, HEB Grocery
  • Marissa Aho (Chief Resiliency Officer), Lara Cottingham (Chief Sustainabilty Officer), Jesse Bounds (Chief Innovation Officer), Stephen Costello (Chief Recovery Officer) - City of Houston
  • Members from the "GSD Network" of Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Data Gurus on Next-Generation Resilient Tools

And some 25 additional federal, state, county, municipal, and private sector roundtable panelists.

Background on the 2019 Forum Content

With nearly $1 trillion in losses over the past 5-7 years for FEMA and other federal agencies, states-counties-cities, private insurance and reinsurance companies, industry and business operations from water- and weather-related incidents, the need for alternative investment and resource allocation could not be more obvious.

Persistent droughts, storms, floods, fire, earthquakes, spills-leaks, and the impacts on residential, commercial, industrial, public sector operations, facilities, infrastructure requires "unleashing innovation, entrepreneurial talent, new business models, and public-private partnerships".

Invest H2O

InvestH2O is the largest gathering and ongoing forum for water and water technology in Texas and the Southwest US. Through an extensive Texas, national and global network of technology sources and investment resources, InvestH2O has connected the best ideas, minds, and solutions with market-driven end-users.

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