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New Dutch Wave Television

March 18, 2021
March 18, 2021
Start time:
5:00 pm
End time:
8:00 pm
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New Dutch Wave presents the Dutch SXSW 2021 program: New Dutch Wave Television!

This is an era of new urgency, and our world needs radical reimagining.

In NDW-SXSW program, we showcase some of the best new Dutch talent and ideas that aim to make our future sustainable and prosperous for both people and the planet.

Giving stage to an innovative selection of Dutch creative entrepreneurs, designers, artists, and initiatives, to share their vision and solution for a brighter tomorrow. Showcasing new music, design, art, fashion, and digital innovations. A refreshing new wave of ideas to take on the world and to radically reimagine our future.

Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb will discuss the energy transition, creativity, and innovation capacity of the city of Rotterdam.

Join for the premiere of our SXSW live broadcast on March 18th.

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