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Understanding social and cultural differences

January 28, 2021
January 28, 2021
Start time:
12:30 pm
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1:30 pm
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Many entrepreneurs want to do business in the United States.They expect that they can enter the market with their Dutch mentality. Although the Netherlands and the US seem to have many similarities, the reality is completely different.

Doing business in another country is always a challenge and certainly in the US. Every state has its own culture and rules. And even within a state there are many differences.

Fortunately, more than 100 Dutch companies have preceded you in Texas. They have all found their way. At the NBSO we receive questions daily about doing business in Texas. That is why we have developed a series of workshops in collaboration with SCORE and Houston Community College with the theme "The secrets of doing business in Texas".

The topics of the workshops are:

  • Finding, developing and maintaining relations
  • Becoming more successful as a foreign organization
  • Finding sources of funding
  • Understanding social and cultural differences

During each workshop, different experienced entrepreneurs will give you tips and tricks about doing business in Texas. Whether you have been working in Texas for years or want to start a business in the region,these workshops are interesting for anyone who wants to do business successfully in Texas.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn with us!

About this workshop

Texas is a very multicultural region and is home of the most diverse city in the US (Houston). This means you not only have to work with local people, but also with professionals from around the world.

Do you want to learn more about multicultural teams? Are you struggling to communicate with your international partners or colleagues? Could cultural differences be the reason? Or does it have to do with a generation gap? To get the most out of a (multicultural) team, it is important to understand these differences and learn to collaborate effectively.

During this workshop you will learn to transform these (cultural) differences into a competitive advantage and adjust your strategy accordingly, to ensure you can work more effectively in a multicultural environment.

Some topics in this session:

  • Efficiency: building successful Dutch – American relations
  • Decision-making: when to speak up and when to follow

The Speakers

Frank Garten – Author, Coach & Speaker

Frank Garten is a Netherlands-based speaker, author and facilitator, specialized in communication and cooperation with people from different cultures. His main focus these days is ‘Clarity in Conversations’. Frank helps companies and teams to improve the quality of their dialogues. With a solid basis in general management in international companies, he is able to understand the dynamics of global teams and businesses. Author of 3 books on cross-cultural management, Frank travels the world to give lectures and provide practical workshops on the do’s and don’ts of (intercultural) business.

After obtaining a PhD in physics and chemistry, Frank started working in the semiconductor industry; first of all, in technical- and project management roles, later in commercial functions. After a short sidestep in strategic marketing for Agere Electronics, he returned to Philips Semiconductors in a general management role, leading a 20-people team to increase market share in LCD-TV chips to 50 and revenues to 68 mio eur. After several years he made the conscious choice to move to Human Resources, an unexpected move for someone with a PhD in Physics. For 4 years he was responsible for Learning & Development across the company, and set up the learning curriculum for 5000+ employees worldwide.

Since 2008 Frank is working as an independent professional, specialized in (intercultural) communication and cooperation. Frank is an experienced and qualified coach, and has done advanced trainings in MBTI, NLP, SDI, RET, Provocative Coaching and other instruments. Next to this, he is a wine expert holding international qualifications, and passionate about sports, ice-swimming, personal development and playing saxophone.

More information: https://frankgarten.nl/

Liske Briët-Van Poelgeest - Business Partner at Woosh5

Lis has over 15 years of experience with international recruitment in different industries, such as IT, Engineering, Supply Chain & Finance. She has worked with international sales teams in Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, and the United States, where now she lives. Lis also has 10 years of experience in Management, Strategy and Consultancy, where she is always looking to build new business, creating sales processes, and successful teams.

One of her main topics of interest are Diversity & Inclusion, Business Culture, Business Engagement, Resilience, Networking and Change Management, areas that she currently develops in coaching trainings.

Lis holds a degree from the University of Amsterdam. Additionally, she is a Board Member TX and member of the advisory committee of the Netherland-America Foundation.

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