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Webinar: Circular Agriculture Systems

April 14, 2020
April 14, 2020
Start time:
9:00 am
End time:
10:00 am
Zoom Meeting
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Dr. Saskia Visser of Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands Discusses the Environmental and Economic Impacts of Circular Agriculture Systems.

This webinar is an extension of Dr. Visser’s talk at the UNC Clean Tech Summit, February 2020. It is recommended that you watch this video before attending the webinar.

*This virtual event will be moderated by Susanne Kjemtrup,Independent Consultant at Phyta Biotech Consulting, LLC.

Date: Tuesday, April 14

Time: 9:45 am –11:00 am Eastern Daylight Time/ 8:45 am CDT

Duration: 1 hour

*Submit advance questions to Dr. Visser after watching the video listed above. (LINK)

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Join Dr. Saskia Visser, Head of Program in Circular and Climate Neutral Society at Wageningen University and Research who will provide insights about her research into circular agriculture and answer questions.


 9:45 - 10:00 am / 8:45 - 9:00 am


10:00 – 10:30 am / 9:00 - 9:30 am

Attendees will learn about:

·       Regenerative agriculture and carbon farming

·       Examples of circular farming

·       Environmental and economic impacts of circular agriculture systems

·       Transition pathways


10:30 – 11:00 am / 9:30 - 10:00 am

Dr. Susanne Kjemtrup, Independent Consultant at Phyta Biotech Consulting, LLC will facilitate advance questions and questions from the chat during the webinar.

Register for this webinar here.

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