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A trip to Dalls in search of business opportunities

A trip to Dalls in search of business opportunities
June 2018
  | Location:
Dallas - Fort Worth

Joined by the ambassador, honorary consul and the economic minister

We’re always learning about different sectors that could hold opportunities for Dutch companies. In addition to taking a deep dive into the life science and health sector, we’ve begun to learn about the aerospace industry in Texas. This month we were joined in Dallas by Ambassador Henne Schuwer, Minister of Economics Remco Zeeuw and Honoray consul Mabrie Jackson.

They, along with chief representative from our office, Saskia Pardaans, visited Alliance Airport to discuss the surrounding area as a rapid expanding global logistics hub, foreign trade zone and one of fastest growing corridors in the United States for population and business. They also toured Lockheed Martin where they learned about different aircraft they produce and the history of the C-130 program in the Netherlands.

The trip life science aspect of their tour also brought them to many interesting meetings, such as the tour of Alcon Research Facility.  At a breakfast with Dallas Fort Worth Hospital Council, which consists of medical center CEOs, they discussed challenges facing healthcare today and how those difficulties can be turned into opportunities. Lastly, the group visited Scottish Rite Hospital, which is known for solving many of the world’s most complex orthopedic cases.

In Fort Worth we met with Mayor Price and a delegation of the Chamber of Commerce. We learned about the industry sectors in Fort Worth.

In addition to educating ourselves more about the Texas economy what opportunities lie within for Dutch companies, these meetings allow us to make important relationships. Fostering the ties between Texas and the Netherlands lets us learn from one another and solve each other’s problems.

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