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Austin on brink of becoming nation's 10th largest city

Austin on brink of becoming nation's 10th largest city
June 2020
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Austin Capitol

With one of the fastest growth rate in the country, it appears Austin soon will join Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas in an elite club — the 10 largest cities in the U.S.

As it stands now, Austin ranks as the 11th largest city in the country, right behind San Jose, California. But a new projection from the City of Austin indicates that sometime next year, Austin will leapfrog San Jose to claim the No. 10 spot. Unless it sees an unlikely surge in population, San Jose would fall to No. 11.

Houston ranks as the country’s fourth-largest city, with San Antonio at No. 7 and Dallas at No. 9. When Austin climbs into the top 10, Texas will boast four of the country’s 10 largest cities. California currently has three cities in the top 10 (Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Jose).

According to Imagine Austin newsletter, released June 16, Austin’s ascent to No. 10 is coming “sooner than we had previously anticipated.” That’s because San Jose has witnessed population loss for several years in a row, while Austin keeps growing.

“As Austin gets closer to breaching the 1 million total population mark (maybe in late 2020), San Jose is drifting backwards, and if the current trend holds, even with reduced growth velocity on Austin’s part, we’ll become the 10th most populous city in the country sometime during 2021,” says the newsletter, produced by the City of Austin.

Source: Austin Culturemap

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