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Austin is “the perfect storm of convergence”

Austin is “the perfect storm of convergence”
December 2018
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Eindhoven is looking for ways to benefit from that

Brainport Eindhoven is on a journey to strengthen its ties with Austin, including the possibility of an official sister cities designation in the future.  Eindhoven's focus on Technology, Design and Knowledge (TDK) finds a compliment in Austin, which has a young, well-educated population that is equal parts technical and creative.

Both cities are working hard on developing smart city projects and both find complimentary strengths in software and hardware technology development. They have also both been recognized in the international press with a long list of awards.

Saskia Pardaans, chief representative at the Netherlands Business Support Office in Houston has advice for Eindhoven's companies looking to expand to Austin: focus on complimentary strengths like mobility.

"Brainport has a long list of propositions with which they want to look for matches. To be honest, the list is too long. Better to choose just a couple instead of ten. Think of tech & design, startups and maybe smart city developments. But most important: mobility. Austin has a huge mobility problem and Eindhoven has all the knowledge and experience to help." said Pardaans.

Companies like NXP have opened an American headquarters in Austin, because of Austin's world-class reputation for innovation.  The Dutch government and Austin's innovation community have been supportive of initiatives to build greater ties between the two cities, with complimentary missions between the two communities. Some of Austin's leaders participated in Dutch Design Week in the Netherlands and Dutch companies travel to Austin each year as part of the New Dutch Wave programming at South by Southwest.

Lumolabs, an incubator that started in Eindhoven and has been copied to Los Angeles and Taipei, is considering an Austin location.  Designers and entrepreneurs from Eindhoven are also expecting to participate in the next South by Southwest in March.

Check out the full article by Bart Brouwers on Innovation Origin.

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