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Behind the Scenes at the NBSO

Behind the Scenes at the NBSO
February 2019
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How we helped Siron Dry Deluge Testing and what we can do for you

During the Business Week USA in November 2018, Saskia Pardaans met Antoon Buitenhuis, CEO of Siron Dry Deluge Testing in Rotterdam. Antoon indicated that Siron wanted to expand to the United States. He wanted to come to Houston in January to speak to several potential customers. Since he had many questions about legal and financial issues related to setting up a company in Texas, we offered to set up appointments for him in January.

On January 15th, Antoon and a colleague came to our office, and we set up meetings for them with an immigration lawyer, an accountant, an insurer and a recruitment and selection agency. All parties have been able to provide Antoon with valuable information. In the evening we introduced them to other interesting organizations during our annual New Year's reception.

SIRON Dry Deluge Testing was established in 2006 as a sister branch of Dutch based SIRON Fire Protection. They offer a small footprint on site, with a highly trained personnel to respond quickly with a competitive price point. SIRON Dry Deluge Testing is the eminent partner in all services to keep your deluge system fully operational.

With Dry Deluge Testing, the on-site operability functionality of the firefighting systems will be enhanced. Thus, the on-site safety will be increased, in such a way that our technology will sooner or later be saving lives. https://drydelugetesting.com/

Antoon was very satisfied with the services provided by the NBSO. If you have plans to do business in Texas, please contact the NBSO. We would love to help you.

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