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Dutch stormwater management as a solution to protect cities from hurricanes

July 2019
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As Texas is preparing their coasts for the storm season, the States is looking for Dutch expertise as the "masters of the seas" and leaders in flood control.

Henk Ovinik

The Netherlands, one of the most flood prone places in the world, almost never floods. Holland is about twice the size of New Jersey and is one of the world's most densely populated countries. Much of it is below sea level, yet the Dutch don't bother with flood insurance. They don't need it. With hurricane season here again, we wondered, do the Dutch have a solution? Can we prevent those disasters?

"We can't prevent them from happening. But the impact that is caused by these disasters, we can decrease by preparing ourselves", says Henk Ovink, the world's only water ambassador appointed by the Netherlands. The specialist says damage from hurricanes could be lessened with the help of Dutch-innovated stormwater management.

He advises the U.N., 35 individual countries, and a dozen U.S. cities. He travels the globe like a missionary preaching the gospel of flood prevention. One of his latest stops was Houston, still recovering from Hurricane Harvey.

Read the full interview of Henk Ovinik in the CBS News Website.

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