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Innovative solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Innovative solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry
April 2020
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We have witnessed- especially in these days - that the energy industry can be a volatile place and crisis headlines can rob the room of oxygen. But, at the same time, the oil and gas industry can be a most resilient and creative business sector. In fact, a technological spark in a stormy market may give hope to operators struggling with operational costs.


Dutch companies like CRA-Tubulars are accustomed to addressing market and technical challenges on a regular basis. Whether the challenge is temperature, the depth of a pay-target or costs, they look for innovative solutions.

The largest associated cost in O&G production fields is corrosion. This single foe is responsible for $1,372 billion dollars in direct costs every year infailed wellheads, pipelines, and downhole tubulars. There are additional costs associated with lost or deferred production and the risk of injuries due to regular workovers.

A young Dutch company with a can-do attitude has taken on this challenge, as many of their colleagues have in the past. This time addressing the inherent weakness in the equation. As in any good algebraic equation, solve for the common denominator: IRON. This is the core weakness to the traditional material. This is not a novel approach; many have tried to manufacture non-metallic tubulars in the past. The problem is composites or similar alternatives have limitations in temperature and pressures that dictate capable engineering. Most are relegated to line pipe, offshore jumpers, and other light duty applications.

A breakthrough technology would have to be developed to perform like steel,allowing for traditional well design but be IRON-Free. There is such a material, they race the fastest cars on the planet, they fly planes around the world and launch rockets to outer space with it: carbon-fiber. The material of choice by aerospace engineers, but not necessarily of petroleum engineers. CRA-Tubulars would like to change this mindset. CRA-Tubulars has designed and manufactured prototypes of the first spoolable, carbon fiber tubing for the rugged environment of downhole wells. These prototype samples have yield remarkable results.

CRA-Tubulars is still in early days of market entry, but the results are beyond best expectations and opportunities to gain capabilities. CRA-Tubulars is in discussions with major operators around the world, excited to see the impact that this breakthrough may have on their H2S and CO2 properties. This new corrosion-inert tubular may be the first and last tubing string required to produce a well.

To learn more information on CRA-Tubulars please visit this site: http://www.cra-tubulars.com/ or contact the team member Roderick van Seventer: rvs@cra-tubulars.com.

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