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Life science and health study launches

Life science and health study launches
July 2018
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Over the past few months we’ve been hard at work on a market study for the life sciences and health sector in Texas. We’re enthralled to announce that the report has launched and is ready for everyone to read!

We worked alongside Task Force Health Care, the Dutch platform the life science and health sector, finding leaders in the industry to give us the best breakdown of the industry possible.

We toured facilities in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Much of the research involved touring hospitals and speaking with their leadership about where there are opportunities for Dutch-Texan collaboration. In addition to hospitals, we also spoke with insurance companies, hospital builders, medical device distributors, government agencies, and interest groups and organizations representing professionals in the life sciences and health sector.

We learned that although Texas has some of the highest-quality healthcare in the world, there are some stumbling points with a lot of room for growth and improvement. For example, the Dutch have great e-health solutions and can help facilitate care for rural and suburban communities that may not have easy access to hospitals.

In addition to the meetings and desk research conducted in Texas, Saskia Pardaans visited the Netherlands to speak with stake holders and present the market study to a group of people who are interested in doing business in Texas and gain insight on what else the NBSO Texas could do to facilitate a good medical relationship between Texas and the Netherlands.

In September, we will invite leaders of this industry from Texas to the Netherlands for World of Healthcare 2018 where they will speak about the great number of high-quality opportunities for investment and trade between Texas and the Netherlands.

We look forward to continuing our efforts to make strides in this area and invite you to read the report for yourself to learn more about the life sciences and health sector in Texas and see what opportunities lie for Dutch companies.

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