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Link to Local

Link to Local
September 2018
  | Location:

learn about water issues in the USA

At Link To Local, you’ll learn about water issues facing different American regions. The event, which is hosted by the Netherlands Water Partnership, will take place on September 28th in The Hague. The Netherlands Water Partnership is the Dutch platform for the Water Sector, which includes companies, NGOs, Knowledge Institutes and the Government.

Representatives from the consulates general in New York, Miami, Chicago and San Francisco, the embassy in Washington DC and the NBSO Texas will be there to talk about specific opportunities they see in their regions for the Dutch water sector.

Attendants of Link to Local will learn about the following cases:

  • Failing Drinking Water infrastructure in the US
  • Climate Adaptation under the Trump Administration: local action
  • Recovery after Hurricane Harvey and future planning of Houston
  • Urbanized South Florida
  • Coastal Louisiana
  • Resilient Urban Planning for LA 2028
  • Pending: Water Technology Case from Minnesota region
  • Pending: Water Technology Case from Chicago, Cincinnati, or Akron
  • Pending: Case from New York

There is still time to sign up for this event, and we hope to see you there.

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