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Matagorda County spotlight

Matagorda County spotlight
November 2018
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Energy and Waterways in Southeast Texas

We like to highlight regions of Texas and industry sectors that make this state so interesting for people to come live and do business here. This month we are highlighting Matagorda County, which is located in South East Texas just two hours South of Houston.            

Matagorda County is home to one of Texas’ energy clusters, as well as two important waterways, the Port of Bay City and the Port of Palacios.  Both of these ports have land available for industrial development.  Together these ports give Matagorda County access to the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and Colorado River.  Matagorda County is located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, about 65 miles southwest of Houston.

The energy cluster in Matagorda County includes a nuclear plant, gas processing plants, oil and gas well production, a pipeline network, and large tracts of land available for solar, wind and algae-to-green fuels production.   Top industrial employers include Lyondell Basell, Oxea Chemicals, Celanese Chemical Products and Tenaris.

Dutch companies can benefit from Matagorda County’s assets that have been set aside to promote its industrial, agricultural, aquaculture and marine fishery sectors.The county is actively seeking individuals and companies seeking opportunities in these sectors.

Attractive features for companies considering Matagorda County include its large tracts of flat land and logistics infrastructure.  Logistic advantages of the county include commercial barge service, rail service, an extensive pipeline network and an existing heavy electric power line network.

In addition to these features, Matagorda County also offers grants for skill development training for employees and has programs to promote a skilled labor force. The workforce in Matagorda County is used to working 24-hour shift work.   There are 20 higher education institutions within 100 miles of Matagorda County that offer certification and degree programs.  Specialty degrees are offered at many of these institutions that focus on the energy sector.

Read more about the region on the county website.

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