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Medical fact finding mission

Medical fact finding mission
April 2018
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Learning and finding opportunities!

Our partners, Peter Post and Mieke Flierhuis, from Task Force Health Care came on a fact-finding mission alongside us to learn the ins and outs of the life science and health sector in Texas. We met with various leaders from all facets of the industry, including the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and important hospitals like MD Anderson, Memorial Hermann and Houston Methodist. Gathering information is the beginning of a long-term approach in which we hope to establish strong partnerships and business relationships between Dutch and Texan companies.

Our next step is to present our findings and the market report at the launch of the Texas Healthcare Market Study on June 7th in the Hague. We’ll inform and inspire companies, knowledge and educational institutions about our findings in Texas. The event will last from 15:30-19:00 and will feature talks from Mieke Vlierhuis (TFHC), Saskia Pardaans, Stephan Van de Wall (senior advisor for the Netherlands Enterprise agency) and entrepreneurs. Are you interested in this seminar, send us an e-mail and we'll send you the invite.

In September we will invite people of interest from Texas to the World of Health Conference in Rotterdam, where many international delegations and stakeholders come together to connect, share knowledge and be inspired by keynote speakers; you can read about last year’s summit here. We will also plan a full mission in this sector for next Spring to further bolster the partnerships we are making along the way.

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