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Netherlands-based XYREC Inc. will launch its first U.S. site at Port San Antonio

Netherlands-based XYREC Inc. will launch its first U.S. site at Port San Antonio
October 2020
  | Location:
San Antonio

XYREC, a Dutch robotics company that specializes in applying and removing paint on aircraft and ships, has been working with San Antonio-based Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) to refine its technology.

“San Antonio is clearly where we needed to launch our North American operations,” XYREC President and CEO Peter Boeijink said in a news release. “Here we have ready access to Southwest Research Institute’s robotics team, who have worked with us for many years to perfect our technology. And we are very glad to count on the strategic support of the team at Port San Antonio, who will give us a home where we can work directly with the biggest names in aviation."

Boeing Co., StandardAero, GDC Technics, Knight Aerospace, GoAeroMX and the Department of Defense have operational presences at Port San Antonio.

XYREC will be in a new 7,000-square-foot facility at Port San Antonio's Kelly Field. It will have locally based engineers, fabrication specialists and other personnel assemble and continue development of its equipment for its 72-foot mobile robot that can rapidly strip paint from any size aircraft without impacting the airframe's integrity.

Boeijink said the company could hire 10 to 20 people in the next year, and it has outsourced about 20 employees from SwRI who have worked on its campus for the last five years. The company hired its first senior technician in San Antonio within the last month, he said.

The technology revolutionizes one of the most in-demand services required throughout the decades that a typical airplane is in service. The world’s fleet of over 125,000 aircraft must be repainted on a regular basis to ensure aerodynamic efficiency and corrosion prevention, among other operational considerations. They are also repainted whenever an airline or other operator alters brand design or sells the aircraft to another user.

"We expect that in a year from now, a technician and an engineering team will operating in San Antonio to lead the product development, installation and support for the U.S. market. The background of these employees will be in mechanical, electrical and software engineering professions. Office and administrative capability will run the daily office," Boeijink told the Business Journal in an email.

XYREC is the second company opening new offices at Port SA this month. Last week, the Business Journal reported that Virginia-based Technica Corp. added a 12,000-square foot office at the Southwest San Antonio industrial campus.

XYREC will continue to refine and develop its innovative solutions. Another important market for the firm is the application of similar laser solutions to de-paint maritime vessels which, like aircraft, operate for decades and require ongoing and costly re-painting. Traditionally, ship hulls have been de-painted using similar sand-blasting methods that are time- and resource- intensive and can negatively impact the environment.

Sources: San Antonio Business Journal and Port San Antonio

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