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Partners for Water: USA Sector

Partners for Water: USA Sector
June 2020
  | Location:
The Netherlands
Netherlands Water Partnership

On June 9, NBSO in Texas participated in the USA Online Sector Meeting, organized by the Netherlands Water Partnership.

The meeting also had the valuable participation of presenters from Rijkswaterstaat, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Washington DC and the consulate offices in New York, Miami and San Francisco.

The session was organized to introduce the Partners for Water NWP USA team, to share activities planned for 2020, and to present opportunities by Dutch officials in the USA assisting organizations in the Netherlands actively operating or interested to operate in the United States.

The planned activities for the next months includes involving the Dutch Water Sector in cooperation opportunities, working in a regional approach, organising new events, among others initiatives oriented to Netherlands International Water Ambition (NIWA).

The Netherlands International Water Ambition is a joint initiative of Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs and Climate, Infrastructure and Water Management and LNV, in collaboration with the broad Dutch water sector. The NIWA aims to increase the water security and water safety around the world. The NIWA is financed through the Partners for Water program which sees the USA as a focus country for the Dutch water sector.

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