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Royal Dutch Butchers Tour Texas

Royal Dutch Butchers Tour Texas
November 2018
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The agrifood sector is equally important for the Netherlands and Texas, so touring businesses in both locations can provide valuable insight to those in the industry.

In October, a group of butchers from the Royal Dutch Butchers came to Texas to learn about the beef and supply chain industry in the state. The group started off their journey by visiting the Great State Fair of Texas and the Pan-American Livestock show.

The State Fair of Texas promotes agriculture, education and community involvement. The massive fair has activities for people of all age groups and lasts for 24 days, which is the longest-running fair in the nation.  The fair celebrates agriculture and livestock through interactive exhibits featuring hands-on activities and educational information. The Pan-American Livestock show is a place for Texans to show off their livestock including cattle, sheep and other farm animals to sell and gain awards for high-quality products.

The group also got the opportunity to tour the stockyards in Fort Worth, where visitors can learn about the rich history of cattle driving in Texas.

In addition to seeing how livestock is traded and sold, they visited an H-E-B Plus! store in San Antonio to see how meat is sold at grocery stores in Texas. They also received a cooking from one of the grocery store’s chefs.

A visit to Dutch farmer, Boer Olke of dairy farm Amalia could not be missed. They learned all about the differences between Dutch and Texas farms.

In addition to being a great tour full of fun and site seeing, the butchers were able to learn from one of the places in the world where the cattle industry is the largest

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