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Texas is still the strongest trade partner with the Netherlands

Texas is still the strongest trade partner with the Netherlands
July 2018
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Trade and investment between the Netherlands and the United States supports an estimated 825,000 jobs in 2018. While it may surprise some, we weren’t shocked to find out Texas is the strongest economic partner of the Netherlands in all the U.S.!

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has ambitions for the number of jobs created by a Dutch-American partnership to grow to one million over the next years.

“These job numbers show that the United States and the Netherlands have a partnership that works. We truly have a unique economic relationship with the United States that goes back more than 400 years. In 1609, a Dutch ship, the Half Moon, landed on the shores of what is now Manhattan. The two nations have been trading with and investing in each other ever since,” Prime Minister Mark Rutte said.

The governments of the Netherlands and Texas are both thankful for the relationship we have and are making efforts to expand trade even further. Ambassador Henne Schuwer visited the Lone Star State in March and met with Governor Greg Abbott to discuss what our economies can do to strengthen ties.

“It’s great to see these job numbers because they reflect the excellent relationship the Dutch have with Texas.,” Schuwer said. “And It’s my ambition to strengthen those ties, for example, in the fields of agriculture, water management and offshore technology.”

Texas is also one of the largest exporters to the Netherlands. The export relationship between the two countries is vastly important for the American economy as well since the U.S. has a $30 billion trade surplus with the Netherlands. (Exports $59.3 billion and imports $29 billion)

With Texas being the strongest state for economic partnership with the Netherlands, we have 80,000 jobs supported by the relationship, $7 billion of exports to the Netherlands, and $10 billion in direct foreign investment.

Many of the Dutch companies in Texas have to the sectors of oil and gas, life science and health, and aerospace, but we also have companies from diverse areas of the economy, such as Oil & Vinegar and Suit Supply.  A larger list of Dutch companies in Texas can be found here.

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