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The EU goes 'Beyond the Beltway'

The EU goes 'Beyond the Beltway'
October 2019
  | Location:
Deputy Chiefs of Mission in Texas

From October 12 to 16, a group of European Union (EU) Deputy Chiefs of Mission visited El Paso, Austin and Houston in Texas. The aim was to gain insight into developments in the Lone Star State: a headstrong and leadingstate, the 10th economy in the world, where migration is a daily reality, and a region which can be politically determining in 2020.

The mission was also to present the European Union as a unit and to underline the importance of EU-Texas relations. Both regions are relevant trade and investment partners, with USD $45.03 billion in exports from Texas to the EU and USD $337.31 billion EU investment in Texas, which already created 324,431 American jobs.

In Austin and Houston, outreach activities were undertaken with students at the University of Texas and Rice University, where the group learned more about the research and development environment.

Texas economy stands out in different industries. Austin, for example, is one of the best cities in US for startups, also for the creativity and technology industry. Houston, on the other side, is the headquarter of the biggest oil and gas companies, and a center point for healthcare and life science, with the Texas Medical Center, which serves 32 million patients a year with 32 affiliated institutions and innovation partners. In Texas, the red carpet is being rolled out for foreign companies and creativity.

Representatives from Bulgaria, Germany, France, Ireland, Croatia, Latvia,Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Sweden and the EU took part in the trip.

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