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The Netherland America Foundation Comes to Houston

The Netherland America Foundation Comes to Houston
July 2018
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The new chapter means stronger ties among the Dutch community

The Netherland America Foundation Houston Chapter (NAF) had its inaugural meeting this month. It will replace the Netherlands American Chamber of Commerce.

The NAF headquarters are in New York, and there are multiple chapters throughout the United States. The decision to join NAF was made because there is a supporting office and having access to their established system broadens our network and allows us to participate in their events. Being a part of this nationwide organization also helps strengthen the bond of the Dutch community in the United States.

Saskia Pardaans, the chief representative of the NBSO Texas, will now be on the board of the NAF. This alliance of our office and theirs will facilitate collaboration and joint efforts.

The NAF Houston organizes social, cultural and business events in the interest of the Dutch community and those with connections to the Netherlands in Houston. These events are great for networking among the Dutch community.

NAF seeks to facilitate growth of bilateral trade, business, education and cultural relationships between Texas and the Netherlands. There are three subcommittees, which are business exchange, cultural exchange and educational exchange committee, and each of these has dedicate members to organize events in their respective category.  

Another strength of joining the NAF is focusing on creating more exchange programs between Dutch and American universities. We will also find new opportunities for internships.

We are looking forward to working alongside the NAF, and we will keep you posted on upcoming events, so keep a look out for our emails!

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