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The only way Houston can rebuild after Harvey is together

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May 2018
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The only way Houston can rebuild after Harvey is together

Originally posted by the Houston Chronicle, Henk Ovink

When Harvey came, it showcased all of Houston's vulnerabilities, manmade, natural and human.

Henk Ovink, author of this article who is from the Netherlands, understands what it is to come from a culture that began to live with water more than a thousand years ago. He recalls to the Dutch King, who is now a respected global water leader, as a prime example of the Dutch mastery of water management.

"In Houston and in many parts of the world, this is not the culture. And with climate change, weather extremes will get more extreme: There will be longer periods of drought and more intense rain events, as Harvey showcased," Ovink said.

There are three things the Netherlands does as preparation for water and rising sea levels, protect, plan and prepare.

Ovink has experience with recovering after a water-related natural disaster, since he worked with the City of New York after Hurricane Sandy.

He is part of International Water Affairs with the Netherlands and Sherpa to the United Nations and World Bank High Level Panel on Water.

To read his full letter to Houston on how we can recover together, click here.

International Water Affairs, Kingdom of The Netherlands, and Sherpa to the UN/WB High Level Panel on Water.

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