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Trends in the e-health market in Texas

Trends in the e-health market in Texas
November 2020
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The digitalization of healthcare is a topic it that is becoming more and more relevant since new technologies and devices are emerging worldwide, to help doctors and patients to access to a better, efficient and personalized virtual health service.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, this has been one of priorities for the health sector in Texas, with many challenges and opportunities for medical centers, professionals, patients, and governments.

The Texas e-Health Alliance and its members have been on the frontline since the very early stages of the pandemic, working in partnership with our state and federal agencies to leverage new and existing technologies to meet the unprecedented challenges presented by the coronavirus.

In this context, and with all the knowledge and experience that they have been collected so far, the organization created a useful analysis about the Digital Health Market in Texas, where they share conclusions of key trends in the state’s digital healthcare landscape, looking across both the public and private sectors.

You will find some trends as:

1. New Patterns in Consumer Behavior

2. Changing Regulatory Environment for Providers

3. Increased Emphasis on and Visibility of Public Health

4. Fresh Focus on Digital Environments

5. The State’s Changing Fiscal Situation

Download the publication here.

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