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Why some tech companies are choosing Houston over California or Austin

Why some tech companies are choosing Houston over California or Austin
October 2018
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Several entrepreneurs cited Houston's affordability, robust workforce and diverse industries when explaining to the Houston Business Journal why they've chosen to run their startups out of Houston versus other well known startup hubs .

Wilson Pulling, CEO and co-founder of Aatonomy, a startup that makes software and a phone app allowing commercial drones to fly on their own told the Houston Business Journal that the cost of living comparable to San Francisco, which is 44% higher than Houston was part of the push to choose the Bayou City over Silicon Valley.

"Some huge considerations in this move were cost, quality of life and the ability to attract talent," Pulling said in an interview with the Houston Business Journal. "We have an 800-square-foot office in Midtown to ourselves. The boom (Austin) has seen makes the cost difference between Austin and Houston super real."

Although Austin is a step above San Francisco in terms of affordability, the massive boom of the Texas Capital has caused some entrepreneurs to look elsewhere in Texas. Houston, with its enormous population of educated, highly-qualified workforce has become a natural destination for those seeking a home for their business in the Lone Star State.

Read the full story along with the accounts of several entrepreneurs on the Houston Business Journal.

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