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World of Healthcare

World of Healthcare
September 2018
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Join us for the conference in the Hague

We’ve been working hard throughout the year to get the word out about the strength of the Texas life science and health sector, and on September 27, we’ll continue our efforts by participating in the World of Healthcare conference. We will be joined by key stakeholders from Texas to show what makes our state special among delegations from 16 countries.

The “congresstival” will host over 1000 Dutch and international life science and health organizations from businesses, knowledge institutes, NGOs, healthcare providers and representatives from the government. The goal of WoHC is to learn, network and be inspired by leaders and peers from around the world.

The program includes speakers, meetups, a pitch event and plenty of opportunities for networking. The speakers from Texas we invited are John Kajander, who has 40 years of experience as a consultant for life science businesses. Dr. Mark Shen will also join us. He oversees the Ascension Texas Accountable Care Network, which focuses on delivering high-value care across Central Texas. Lastly, Dr. Ruben Rathnasingham will also attend. He has 15 years of experience in biomedical leadership and he currently serves as the assistant dean for health product innovation at Dell Medical School.

Garnering attention for Texas from Dutch life science and health companies at the WoHC is a continuation of our mission for a robust partnership between the two regions, which includes the market study published earlier next year and the medical mission planned for next year. Tickets to attend are still available.

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