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Saskia Pardaans

As an entrepreneur Saskia Pardaans is specialized in sales, marketing and communication. Before joining the Netherlands Business Support Office- Texas, she has owned her own training company for 10 years. Besides that, she has worked as an interim manager for multiple companies, establishing a customer centric and commercial approach. Moreover, Saskia has worked for VNO-NCW for the last three years before moving to Houston, the largest entrepreneurial organization in the Netherlands. Saskia’s method entails a combination of personal drive and a strong focus on concrete results. Saskia’s aim is to inspire people, to connect them with each other and to incite people to action.

Here is what a few connections of Saskia say about her:

  • I got to know Saskia as a professional, commercial minded doer. Saskia is very skilled in organizing events with a good eye for details. Her commercial approach makes that she really understands the challenges and aspirations of fellow entrepreneurs.
  • I know Saskia as very enthusiastic and driven. If she commits to something, she won’t give up. At the same time, she is able to oversee the entire level playing field.
  • She is direct, alert and objective. Combined with her enthusiasm and optimism, this results in a refreshing collaboration.

Saskia is a no-nonsense pragmatic go-getter who shows an enormous effort to realize her goals. Next to a result-oriented approach she has a good eye for the human factor in organizations