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Hatenboer-Water Americas

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Hatenboer Water

Can you tell us something about your company?

Hatenboer-Water has a long history in the field of water. For over 100 years already, we are a privately-owned company widely recognized as an internationally specialist in the water treatment market. Hatenboer-Water designs, constructs and supplies freshwater modules.

Scope of supply:

  • Custom-made potable systems (reverse osmosis water makers, distribution, and treatment modules)
  • Disinfection solutions with chlorine, UV, copper/silver ionization
  • Dosing systems (chlorination, pH correction, etc.)
  • Water quality services: courses, sampling, audits, water management plans
  • Global supply of spares and consumables for water systems

Benefits to our customers:

The benefits to our customers are our proven, heavy duty, designs that are tailored to our customer’s (often challenging) conditions, e.g. for offshore use.

Besides design and manufacturing of new build systems, Hatenboer-Water is a renowned partner for retrofits as well. With our locations across the globe (Rotterdam, Singapore, Houston & Dubai) and a solid worldwide network of agents Hatenboer-Water is a true “One-Stop-Shop” for customers when it comes to the delivery of ‘safe water’.


With our track record of thousands of maritime water treatment units (RO desalination systems) delivered worldwide and our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and VCA/SCC certifications, and technologies that are fully registered/verified with applicable bodies and regulations like EPA, Hatenboer-Water is the leading name in the (maritime) potable water industry!

Why did Hatenboer-Water choose Texas?

USA = Houston

For Hatenboer-Water the choice was more towards establishing an entity in the US, rather than where in the US. Our location in the USA was always going to be Houston TX, simply because Houston is where a large concentration of our clients, their clients and their consultants are located. Hatenboer-Water provides water treatment solutions on board of all vessels and assets in our oceans.

Personal contact

Clients contact us for providing safe water on board, rather than a piece of equipment. We strongly believe that, even though the world gets smaller through internet-based services, to guarantee a good water quality on board, it all comes down to personal contact, fast attainable stock and direct consultancy.

Local presence adding value

By setting up our office in Houston we are able to service our existing and potential US clients in the offshore energy market fast and efficiently, with the added bonus of being closer to our cruise customers in Florida as well. Being ‘local’ has always helped us to become a trusted household name for many vessel, rig and platform owners in Europe, Singapore and most recently Dubai. We now proudly add Houston to this list of Hatenboer-Water offices!

What kind of advice can you give to Dutch entrepreneurs who want to do business in Texas?

Cliche or Truism?

My advice for any entrepreneur or any company that wants to successfully do business here in Texas is ‘Think big’. Of course, we’ve all heard ‘Everything is bigger in Texas’ and often times we feel this is a cliché. I’d like to personally refer to it more as a ‘Truism’…..

Consider the modest, often a bit Calvinistic, Dutch way of thinking and compare that with how a Texan thinks and acts. You will soon conclude that being successful here means adapting to a more open, market driven, approach. This is not only common in TX, but pretty much in all of the USA.

Success is in the numbers

More so than anywhere in the world, it is customers dictating the size and scale of businesses here. ‘Remaining small on purpose’ is something that is hard to grasp for an American, let alone for a Texan. It is a difference in thinking that is often contradicting with our Dutch norms where often times we feel that we should put other values like e.g. ‘being a specialist’ or ‘being 100% financially independent’ ahead of ‘growing big’.

Personally I feel (and have seen and experienced) that Texas actually is the perfect place for all of those important values to lead to great success, as long as there is that open approach (and time, because like everywhere else, growth doesn’t happen overnight!) towards adapting to the local spirit of ‘Think Big, or Go-Home’…..

By Edward Verweij, Managing Director, Hatenboer-Water Americas Corp.

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