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Business culture- Presentation

  • The North-American people usually have a smooth and jovial way of doing business. It is coming to switch to a more informal approach (like using first names) early in a conversation.
  • The saying ‘time is money’ is taken very literal in North-America. Don’t be to wordy and come to the point. We recommend you to prepare an ‘elevator pitch’ (pitching your company and your products in 1 or 2 minutes in a very clear an enthusiastic way).
  • Be clear, ‘tell it like it is’: Indirect or vague answers can be seen as insincerity and distrust.
  • Humor is very important, but avoid jokes about sensitive subjects like religion, politics or ethnicity.
  • Despite the relaxed and jovial attitude, the US business partners are very phlegmatic and pragmatic. They feel at ease in conflict situations with an attitude of ‘take it or leave it’.
  • American entrepreneurs are usually dressed in a very formal way. We recommend for both men and women to wear a suit.