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Cost of living compared

Living working and doing business

The cost of living index as calculated by the Council for Community and Economic Research and published by PayScale, gives a grasp on how much the differences are. We have compared the cost of living in Austin Texas with other technical hubs like Boston, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco and Seattle. The cost of living index is based on the following categories: Groceries, Housing, Utilities, Transportations and Health Care. So for example, the overall cost of living is 45% lower in Austin, compared to Boston and 131% lower when compared to NYC.

Overall Cost of living index

Compared to … Austin, TX

Boston                  45%

Chicago                24%

NYC                       131%

San Francisco      72%

Seattle                   31%



Whether it is groceries, housing, utilities, transportations or health care, Austin -and with Austin, Texas- gives you to most economical options to set up shop in the United States.